Gender Bias, the Shutdown and Bad Pitches – 2013 Third Quarter Roundup (Much Delayed)

Photo credit: Christine Rondeau.

Gender bias, stereotypes, the shutdown, video games, crowdfunding and bad pitches – among other things. It’s hard to keep track of all the posts on this blog, or any blog, so I to write a quarterly roundup that pulls several months of posts together in one place so that people can see what they missed.

I should have written, and published, this roundup in September. Oops. So, this roundup covers much more than three months – and the next roundup will be much shorter.

So, here’s what I’ve run since July 11, 2013!


Guest post from Mónica I. Feliú-Mójer on inspiring and communicating science en Español. (Spanish version here.)

Quick Update: Science Laureate Bill Stalled in House

Confirmation Bias Varies According to How Much We Think We Know

Women, Stereotypes, Media and Computer Science

Guest post from Jon Tennant on why peer review quality is independent of open access

Expand Your Audience by Sneaking Up On Science

The XX Question: Calling for a Level Playing Field in Science Writing

Why Scientists Talk to Reporters (Or Not)

Good, Active PIOs Make Scientists More Likely To Promote Research

Seniority, Self-Confidence Predict Whether Scientists Will Work With Media

The ‘Serious Scientist’ Myth: Why Do We Think Most Scientists Don’t Talk to Reporters? (They Do.)

The Shutdown

News Brief: the Shutdown and Science Communication

How the Shutdown is Affecting Science Reporters

U.S. Shutdown Beginning to Affect Journals

Guest post from Marshall Shepherd on the shutdown’s impact on meteorology, preparedness and related outreach

Science, Science Communication Slowly Recovering at Federal Agencies


Run Home to Start Writing: an Interview with Ivan Oransky, Part One

Embargoes and Retractions: an Interview with Ivan Oransky, Part Two

Easily Solved by Humans: An Interview with Phylo Co-Creator Jérôme Waldispühl

Fund It Yourself: How (and Why) One University Launched Its Own Science Crowdfunding Site

Shoot What You Know: an Interview with Alex Wild


Defining a Reporter: EurekAlert! and the Question of Access

Mobile Reporting: Which Tools Work Best?


Know what you want before you start writing…

…and before you decide what to do with what you wrote

Guest post from Lauren Rugani on nine things that drive PIOs nuts

You’re Doing It Wrong: Lessons Learned from Bad Science Pitches

One More Bad (Bug) Science Pitch

News Brief: New Guidance on Using Embargoes Effectively


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