Matt Shipman

WMS Headshot 250Matt Shipman is a science writer and research communications lead at North Carolina State University, where he writes about everything from forensic anthropology to materials engineering. He previously worked as a reporter and editor in the Washington, D.C. area for Inside EPA, Water Policy Report and Risk Policy Report, covering the nexus of science, politics and policy. He is also a former contributor to

In his free time, Shipman runs a non-profit organization called the First Step Project (which has nothing to do with science), plays guitar badly (but with enthusiasm) and keeps track of the juvenile humans who live in his house. You can follow him on Twitter: @ShipLives.

Shipman is also the author of The Handbook for Science Public Information Officers (2015, University of Chicago Press) and a contributing author to Science Blogging: The Essential Guide (2016, Yale University Press).

Anyone interested in hiring Shipman for freelance writing or editing projects can reach him at shiplives[at]