Goodbye, Old Blog – Hello, New Blog

Waving goodbye. Waving hello. Photo credit: Andrew Kruse. Shared under a Creative Commons license. Click for more information.
Waving goodbye. Waving hello. Photo credit: Andrew Kruse. Shared under a Creative Commons license. Click for more information.

The original version of this blog was launched on a blog network called SciLogs, which announced earlier this month that it will be shutting down in September. This marks the end of Communication Breakdown, but the beginning of my new blog, Science Communication Breakdown – the blog that you are, in fact, reading right now.

I was invited to join the SciLogs blogging team in the autumn of 2012. In my first post, published October 24 of that year, I posed a baseline question: Is there enough to say about science communication to sustain a blog?

The answer is, apparently, yes. To date, I’ve published 210 posts (if you include this one), all of which pertain to either the practice or science of science communication (and often both). All of those posts can now be found at Science Communication Breakdown (which is why I’m including this one here, even though it may be a bit redundant).

It’s been an eventful few years. I’ve interviewed dozens of science communicators to learn more about how they work. I’ve attended quite a few conferences and read myriad papers on everything from the science of science communication to social media to journalism. Somewhere along the way I wrote a book for the University of Chicago Press about, well, the practice of science communication.

In that initial post in 2012, I also wrote that “the goal of this blog is to help all parties – from scientists to science writers – do a better job when it comes to communicating about science. No matter how good we are, we can be better. That definitely includes me.”

That hasn’t changed. I know more now than I did then, but what I have learned has only served to highlight how much I still don’t know.

So, the journey continues. I’ll keep posing questions, interviewing people whose work I admire, writing about scicomm-related research findings, and floating ideas about what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to science communication. Only now, I’ll be doing so at Science Communication Breakdown.

I hope you’ll join me there (er…, I mean, here).

Note: I’d like to thank the folks at Spektrum der Wissenschaft for their long-time support of SciLogs, and for giving me a blogging home for almost four years. I’d also like to thank the SciLogs blog network managers who served as liaisons between Spektrum and those of us writing blogs: Khalil Cassimally, my first blog manager, and the one who invited me to join SciLogs – Khalil, you’re a mensch; and Paige Brown Jarreau, who has been incredibly supportive and is now, I think, a friend as much as a colleague. Thanks also to all of the wonderful writers I’ve shared space with over the years, from Malcolm Campbell to Chris Buddle – you have been delightful. Thanks for everything, folks.


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