Dinosaurs, Negative Results and Science Festivals: 2013 Second Quarter Roundup

A collection of a different sort. (Photo credit: Sanja Gjenero)

Dinosaurs, negative results, Deborah Blum, science festivals, Nautilus, Jessica Wapner and the importance of words. Communication Breakdown has covered a lot of interesting, important and (often) fun things over the past few months.

Because it can be tough to keep track of every post on a blog, I’m writing quarterly roundups of all the posts I’ve run here. Here’s what you might have missed from April 2 through July 9, 2013. If you find anything great that you missed before, please share it. And please let me know what you find useful, and what you wouldn’t miss. Your feedback helps me decide how to use this blog. Now, here’s the roundup!


Words have meanings. The importance of defining the terms we use when we write.

The opening lines of any written work are essential, so Don’t Bury the Lead.

Wise Words (from Other People) on Science Writing and Social Media


Who do you trust? Scientists, Trust, the Media and Climate Change.

Why Journalism Matters: human nature.

Sharing News is Not the Same Thing as Journalism

Social Media

Can Twitter Predict Citations?

News Brief: New Paper on Social Media for Scientists

Negative Results

The Challenge of Negative Results

A Journal Editor’s Perspective on Publishing Negative Results

Funding Agencies Support Publication of Negative Results


How Dinosaurs Actually Lived: an Interview with Brian Switek

What to Expect from Nautilus: an Interview Amos Zeeberg

Why SEO Matters: an Interview with Wil Reynolds

How Do You Not Get Curious? An Interview with Jessica Wapner

Bringing Academia into the Newsroom: an Interview with Akshat Rathi

The Story Trumps Everything: an Interview with Deborah Blum

Let’s Start a Dialogue: an Interview with Luis Quevedo (and en Español)

Not Preaching to the Converted: an Interview with Joe Palca

PIO Stuff

Making the Transition from Reporter to PIO

Grants: The Pros and Cons of Telling the World You Just Got Some Money


Science Festivals are Effective Outreach Tools

Science Laureate: Picking a National Champion for Science

Why I gave up and embraced embargoes

Sexual Assault, Crowdfunding and Science Communication


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